Foundation in Information Technology (FIT)

Certification offered by University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), Sri Lanka.


Q: What is FIT?
A certification course offered by University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC)

Q: What does offer the certificate?
A: University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC)

Q: What are the objectives of FIT?
A: Three objectives have been set by UCSC.
(a) Fast track for students to join BIT degree program offered by UCSC, without sitting for GCE A/L exam.
(b) An alternative path to enter BIT program for students who have not got required results in their GCE A/L exam.
(C) Facilitate a formal entry level qualification and skills for those who are interested in entering into ICT or BPO related industry.

Q: What is the prerequisite to follow FIT?
A: In order to register for BIT-UCSC with FIT (Without A/L), you need to have six passes in G.C.E (O/L) with three credits together with FIT. Those who follow FIT as a IT qualification (not planing to do BIT), there is no prerequisit.

Q: Which subjects do I have to follow?
FIT 101 - ICT Applications
FIT 201 - English for ICT
FIT 301 - Mathematics for ICT
You must pass all three subjects.

Q: When is exam scheduled?
A: Exams are held in each month @ UCSC. When you are ready, you can arrange one of the monthly exam date published by UCSC.

Q: What is the structure of exams/evaluations?

Subject Assignment Quizes E-test Practical test
FIT 101
ICT Applications
yes yes Yes
FIT 201
English for ICT
yes yes Yes
FIT 301
Mathematics for ICT
yes yes No


Q: In which language exam is held?
A: in English

Q: In which language does the course is conducted @ aurora?
A: We conduct the classes in simple English with explanations in Sinhala in case of a need. (Since they are indivisual/small group, the mode is of your choice. )

Q: I am not very good at English, will it affect my studies?
A: We do not expect all the students to be very competent in English. We help you improve your English grammar and other skills English for ICT module. Other modules are also taught in simple English/Sinhala to make you at ease.

Q: What is covered in Mathematics for ICT module?
A: About 70% of the syllabus covers topics you have already learned in your O/L maths. Topics only related to ICT and computing is in your Mathematics for ICT syllabus. So no geometry topics are included. Some of the topics in the syllabus include basics of algebra, solving equations, logarithms, sets, probability, statistics etc... The topics that will be new to you (not covered in O/L math) will be relations & functions, differentiation and integration etc...
Full syllabus is available here;

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