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Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

University of Colombo School of Computing - UCSC , Sri Lanka


Q: What is BIT?
A: It is academic Bachelor Degree program in Information Technology.

Q: Which university offer BIT degree?
A: University of Colombo.

Q: How long will it take to complete?
A: BIT degree can be completed within three years.

Q: Should I learn for BIT full time?
A: No you may do it part time even while working.

Q: If I fail in some modules, can I still proceed to the next semester?
A: In most of the cases unless passing a previous module is a prerequisite, you may proceed to subjects in next semester and parallely re-sit for failed ones.

Q: Should I take all modules per semester at the same time?
A: It is not a must; there is flexibility to take few subjects at a time. But it will take more time to complete the BIT degree.

Q: What is the standard of BIT-UCSC degree?
A: BIT-UCSC degree keeps very high standards. The syllabus is frequently updated in line with the technology/industry trends. The course content and learning materials are in very good quality. In fact, BIT degree is much higer standard than some of the foreign degrees offered in Sri Lanka.

Q: I did my A/L in 2011 and results are pending. Can I still register for BIT?
A: Yes, if you are confident that you will get minimum required result (Minimum three passes), you can still register and attend classes, UCSC have provided facility for you to register in provisional basis and confirm it once your A/L results are released. (This is possible since A/L results releases before your semester 1 exams).

Q: Is BIT hard to pass? :-)
A: Not at all, if you fallow the basics and get the correct guidance.

Q: I am not very good in English, will it affect successfully completing BIT?
A: All the course materials are in simple English. We @ aurora conduct classes (especially Sem 1 classes) in simple English to make you fell confortable from day one. Learning BIT in English medium will help fast improving your English as well.

Q: What is the difference between BIT and a BSc degree?
A: Science degree is a general degree offered for various fields, BIT is specialised degree targeting Information Technology field. The difference is much like difference between science degree vs engineering degree. In short, BIT is professional job oriented degree than theoretical oriented.

Q: Is BIT costly?
A: BIT is the most affordable IT degree program in Sri Lanka. This is possible because it is part of the Sri Lankan government's E-Sri Lanka initiative. For all three years, it will only cost roughly Rs 42 000/= for university fee. At aurora it will only cost Rs. 20 000/= per semester and in the future, we are planning to get it further down if our intake is high.

Q: If I could not fully complete BIT, will my effort be wasted?
A: No, After completing modules for first year, you will be awarded "Diploma in IT" and after second year, "Higher Diploma in IT". Successfull completion of third year will earn you the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree.

Q: Why is Aurora Computer Studies not mentioned in the BIT student manual as a course provider?
A: That is because Aurora is newly formed IT institute. According to UCSC procedure, Aurora Computer Studies will be included in the handbook only after three consecutive batches.

Q: Is not it risky for me to join a newly formed institute like Aurora to follow BIT?
A: We are experienced in teaching BIT in reputed institutes. Being a part of smaller batch, you get individual attention in studies and all othe facilities provided by others. We want to be the # 1 quality, in BIT education in Sri Lanka.
If you are not happy with Aurora, you can move to another institute in the next semester. (which will be highly unlikely option for you :-), once you get used to aurora mode of study )

Q: Does Aurora conduct classes for all six semesters of BIT
A: YES. We have already rolled out for Semester 1. We will be starting Semester 2, 3, etc in coming semesters and you will be able to complete entire BIT course @ Aurora. Starting dates for Semester 2, 3 and 4 will be published shortly on par with UCSC BIT academic calendar.

Q: What is the deadline for registration for BIT @ UCSC?
A: 30th September 2011

Q: I did my A/L this year (2011), Can I start BIT this year itself?
A: YES. BIT degree program operate on very flexible mode. UCSC facilitate all the possible opportunities for you to get higher education without wasting any time. If you are confident that you will get necessary A/L results, you can register for the Semester 1 with pending A/L results. This is possible because, your Semester 1 exams are scheduled in March 2012 which happens after the release of A/L results. (You need to confirm your result to UCSC before sitting for the semester 1 exam.)

Q: How can I register for BIT @ UCSC?

A: Option 1:
Student himself register for UCSC online and do necessary payments to the bank and manually submit or post the printed forms and payment vouchers to External Degrees Centre of UCSC. Then, student attend the classes at Aurora.
Visit this link for registration process......

A: Option 2:
Student Come to Aurora study center and do online registration at our premises as part of registration for semester 1 course (UCSC registration fee of of Rs 1000/= must be additionally paid). Aurora proceed the registration at UCSC on behalf of the student.

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